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Team sos-relocation Indiana

A Passion for helping families with life changing moves.

The SOS Crew

We are...

  • About the whole transition…the emotions, memories & family dynamics.

  • About ethics, compassion, efficiency, organization, safety & responsiveness to your needs & wants.

  • About less stress, a single point of contact throughout your move while regarding you as our family.

  • About the TOTAL picture & the TOTAL person.

Why we love what we do

Danielle Gaylord - Owner of SOS Relocation

“We are blessed to be in this business and to do what we do. We often wonder how anyone moves without assistance. I have said many times when I move, I will want help’. Kids live elsewhere, everyone is busy with their lives. We are in the right place and the right time and we are so happy we can help others during this time of major change in their lives.”



Rita Smeyak - Owner - SOS Relocation

“It gives us great pleasure to help clients and their family through a period of time which feelings and emotions run high. We like being able to provide emotional support to eliminate stress, worry and feelings of being overwhelmed. Our biggest joy comes from seeing the expression on their faces when they walk into their new home!”



After years of saying, “We should start our own business,” Rita and Danielle took the plunge! In 2011 they established SOS Relocation Specialist.

For many years, Danielle & Rita were responsible for assisting families experiencing a major transition. Families were either moving during a major emergency or responding to a loved one’s urgent need to downsize and relocate. Understanding and assisting individuals experiencing major transition has been their passion and the launching point to the development of SOS.

Danielle & Rita have spent over 30 years helping families and seniors with major moves. They have supported clients during the most vulnerable period of their lives as well as celebrated in their success in achieving personal goals, independent living and balance.

Our goal as move managers is to consistently provide exceptional service to our clients. We are grateful and blessed to get to work with a seasoned group of compassionate and thoughtful individuals who look forward to helping achieve that goal. The SOS Crew go the extra mile and together we provide a total support system to you and your family. We work seamlessly together in an effort to provide our clients with a positive relocation and transition experience.  

We are firm believers in continuing education. We support our SOS Crew by providing on-going industry standard training courses.

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